Equinox Software to Introduce AIM, Idea Lab, and Sequoia at ALA Midwinter

January 20 , 2014


Duluth, GA —January 20, 2014

Equinox Software to Introduce AIM, Idea Lab and Sequoia at ALA Midwinter

Equinox is heading to the “City of Brotherly Love” for the ALA Midwinter meeting and will debut a completely revamped suite of services, including the Sequoia services platform, AIM, and Idea Lab. Equinox staff will be available at booth 541 in the exhibit hall to provide demos for Evergreen, Koha, and FullfILLment and answer questions.

Sequoia is a brand new cloud-based services platform that provides users of Evergreen, Koha, and FullfILLment the highest level of uptime, performance, and stability. Sequoia was designed from the ground up, based on Evergreen’s existing service-oriented architecture, to leverage a large number of physical servers in a fully-redundant cloud environment. To the library, this translates to no unscheduled downtime, better performance, and the ability to meet even the most demanding load requirements seamlessly.

AIM, or Active Integrated Maintenance, is a new subscription service from Equinox. AIM allows libraries to target bug fixes for their software according to their specific needs. Three different subscription types will allow libraries to find a service level that best meets their budget. AIM will allow subscribing libraries to identify target fixes, prioritize their fixes, and receive immediate access to upgrades and repairs.

Idea Lab provides every participating library the ability to help direct and fund on-going software development within their open source community. Idea Lab subscribers pool funding and participate in the selection and development of new software features that are most important to their library. Together, these three new services comprise the bulk of Equinox’s completely revamped services offerings, which were constructed based on customer demand and feedback.

Mike Rylander, Equinox Director of Research and Software Development, says, "We are very proud of our new service offerings: AIM, IdeaLab, and Sequoia. Each represents the culmination of years of experience, and has been designed to serve libraries and librarians in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. By listening to our customers and working with them to identify needs, we have put together a set of complementary services that allow organizations to offload many of their non-core activities while still staying actively engaged in the Open Source process."

About Equinox Software, Inc.

Equinox was founded by the original developers and designers of the Evergreen ILS. We are wholly devoted to the support and development of open source software in libraries, focusing on Evergreen, Koha, and the FulfILLment ILL system. We wrote over 80% of the Evergreen code base and continue to contribute more new features, bug fixes, and documentation than any other organization. Our team is fanatical about providing exceptional technical support. Over 98% of our support ticket responses are graded as “Excellent” by our customers. At Equinox, we are proud to be librarians. In fact, half of us have our ML(I)S. We understand you because we *are* you. We are Equinox, and we’d like to be awesome for you.

For more information on Equinox, please visit http://www.esilibrary.com

Press contact: Corinne Hall, corinne@esilibrary.com, 770-709-5575