Equinox Software Announces Sponsorship for Literary Lions Gala

May 14 , 2012


Duluth, GA óMay 14, 2012

Equinox Software is proud to announce a sponsorship for King County Library System Foundationís annual Literary Lions Gala.

This yearís event welcomed over 500 guests and raised $208,000 to support literacy and lifelong learning programs. Bestselling author Lee Child served as key note speaker for the evening which also included a "State of the Library" report by Bill Ptacek and 11 sold out author salons.

"Equinox is rarely asked to sponsor events that directly impact literacy programs so it was a real honor for us to be able to help fund the Literary Lions Gala," said Grace Dunbar, Equinox Vice President. "We've enjoyed a great partnership with KCLS for many years and hope we have continued opportunities to give back to their libraries and their community."

About Equinox Software, Inc.

Founded by the original Evergreen designers and developers, Equinox Software is a leader in open source solutions for libraries. Their goal is to engage and support a rapidly growing open source community while assisting libraries in moving away from expensive proprietary vendors and products.

For more information on Equinox Software, please visit http://www.esilibrary.com.

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