Equinox Software Announces Telephony Implementation

February 13 , 2012


Duluth, GA —February 13, 2012

Equinox Software is proud to announce the successful Evergreen implementation of a telephony notification system powered by Asterisk. The Davidson County Public Library System, part of the North Carolina Cardinal consortium, piloted an early version of the system which is also now being used at King County Library System. This system allows patrons to receive automated calls alerting them that items on hold are ready for pick-up. It also allows the library to send out reminders to patrons that their items are due and need to be renewed or returned.

Libraries running Evergreen will see potential for this system as a more cost effective alternative to other notification systems. According to Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley, one of the Equinox Software Developers assisting with the project, "Evergreen's telephony notification system can use digital telephony (like a VoIP service) or, in some cases, existing phone hardware, like a PBX, and either of these approaches can potentially reduce costs and add control compared with using a third-party solution."

About Equinox Software, Inc.

Founded by the original Evergreen designers and developers, Equinox Software is a leader in open source solutions for libraries. Their goal is to engage and support a rapidly growing open source community while assisting libraries in moving away from expensive proprietary vendors and products.

For more information on Equinox Software, please visit http://www.esilibrary.com.

About Evergreen

Evergreen is a robust, open-source integrated library system best known for its unique ability to meet the needs of very large, high-transaction, multi-site consortia. However, it has also proven equally successful scaled down for even the smallest libraries. Evergreen now supports over 1,000 libraries of every type-public, academic, special, and school media centers across 4 countries, 31 U.S. states, and 8 Canadian provinces. The Georgia PINES, King County Public Library System, SCLENDS, and NC Cardinal consortiums are all currently running Evergreen. For more information about Evergreen, including a list of all known Evergreen installations, see http://evergreen-ils.org.

Press contact: Corinne Hall, corinne@esilibrary.com, 770-709-5571