Galen Charlton Joins Equinox Software as Vice President of Data Services



Norcross, GA - August 5, 2009

Equinox Software, Inc., home of "The Evergreen Experts," welcomes Galen Charlton as Vice President of Data Services. Charlton will oversee the migration of data for new libraries moving to Evergreen Software and will assist in the development of new Evergreen features for current and future users. Charlton most recently served as Vice President of Development and Research for LibLime and comes to Equinox with more than a decade of library industry experience. He has worked with over 200 libraries to complete successful and timely migrations.

Charlton commented, "Open source software is a natural fit for librarians, who have a long history of communicating with each other about the best ways to run libraries and provide services to their patrons." He noted that open source was rapidly increasing market dominance in libraries, and predicted that within ten or fifteen years, "the notion that source code is closed by default will no longer be the norm; open source will become the new normal."

Brad LaJeunesse, Equinox company president, said the company was delighted that Charlton was joining them. LaJeunesse observed that the addition of Charlton to Equinox "comes at a crucial time, while both Evergreen as software and Evergreen as a community are undergoing rapid growth." LaJeunesse added that there would be 19 more migrations in 2009 alone, and that the 2010 migration schedule was quickly filling up.

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Founded by the original Evergreen designers and developers, Equinox Software is a growing team of skilled professionals who provide comprehensive support for Evergreen, the consortial-quality, open source Integrated Library System (ILS). Equinox develops, supports, trains, migrates, integrates, and consults on Evergreen, and engages with the rapidly expanding Evergreen community. Equinox also offers hosting packages for libraries that prefer not to maintain local servers.

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